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The Concierge Class? What’s that?

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For most people, the term ‘Concierge Class’ refers to a cruise round the Caribbean.

But that’s not what I’m talking about.

So if you were looking for a holiday, you’re out of luck.

No, this is an altogether different kind of issue. I’m focused on the millions of people who earn their living by working for the wealthy and/or the corporations. Specifically, it’s the people who:

  • Help the rich increase their wealth, for example by devising tax avoidance schemes
  • Promote their ideology, perhaps by hindering legislation that might restrict their freedom of action
  • Sell them goods and services, such as security firms and estate agents.

We aren’t talking about someone who picks stock in an Amazon warehouse, works in a shoe shop, or arranges rich people’s travel.

Similarly, writing code for Google doesn’t make you a bad person – unless, of course, your code is designed to unfairly lock out Google’s competitors.

And if you’re working in a shipping line that happens to be owned by a Russian oligarch, that doesn’t necessarily brand you as a member of the concierge class.

Equally, the concierge class isn’t just about the high-paid lawyers and city accountants. As you’ll discover, many lower-ranking people are members, too.

Coming next: who exactly are the Concierge Class?

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