The Escape Route provides start up guides to low-cost trades and professions.

On this page (below) you’ll find four not-for-profit organisations I’ve created.

Tamyaz helps people in Palestine earn money outside the country. Trapped as they are behind the separation wall, and with restrictions on commerce imposed by the Israeli government, the economy is weak. Tamyaz provides a free home-study course that shows Palestinians how to become online freelancers.

The Escape Route helps ex-prisoners work for themselves. Almost all prisoners leave jail eventually, and getting a job is hard for ex-offenders because employers don’t like hiring them. So, The Escape Route provides an alternative: we offer free plans that show prisoners how to become their own boss in seven trades and professions that have a low cost of entry and provide a realistic chance of success.

Wikko makes a permanent record of corporate misbehaviour on Wikipedia. Most  misdeeds are quickly forgotten, and few get listed on Wikipedia. So Wikko volunteers ensure that environmental damage, employee exploitation and tax avoidance are placed permanently in the limelight.

All three have a common thread. I’ve worked in distance learning for many years, and many of my home-study courses offer people the chance to work for themselves. So I use the experience of distance learning, self-employment, editing and writing to help others.

Eurpta is in development. It seeks to persuade towns in the UK and Europe to de-twin from those that are homophobic.

If you can help me with a donation, volunteering or collaboration, please get in touch.


Tamyaz provides a free online training for people in Palestine.
The course helps them become online freelancers, which allows them to earn money beyond the separation walls and their restricted borders.
Wikko volunteers create a permanent record of corporate misconduct, by entering the details into Wikipedia.
The Escape Route
The Escape Route offers ready-made low cost self employment packs for ex-prisoners.
Our 'Escape Plans' are in use in over 100 UK prisons.
At Eurpta we encourage towns in the UK and Europe to de-twin from those that are homophobic.