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The Concierge Class

 Author: Kit Sadgrove  Category: Politics  Publisher: Blackford Books

Every day, an unseen army is working to advance the aims of corporations and the rich.

From accountants to trade associations, and from scientists to think tanks, the members of the concierge class serve their masters diligently, devising ways to help them evade taxes, change legislation, and sway public opinion.

And the result is more profit for the rich, a widening of inequality, and a weakening of democracy.

The Concierge Class is the first book to explain the inner workings of concierge capitalism. It shows how the affluent co-opt skilled professionals into hiding their cash, pushing their agenda, and whispering in the ears of politicians.

The book reveals who is doing the wealthy’s dirty work, how they do it, and the steps we can take to stop it.