Naked men tomorrow

Tomorrow I go to scan men’s private bits. It feels transgressive.
The point is, women’s bits are routinely on display, especially in films. Whereas men’s parts are coyly hidden away.

So I have lined up three men (life models, as they are known to people who drawing) to have a 3D scan from navel to upper thigh. The images will then be turned into sculpture.

The image on the right was what I sent to the scanning company I use, to show them what part of the body I wanted scanned. They didn’t seem to have a problem.

Nevertheless we’ll be getting pretty close to areas of the body that are reserved for partners.

The good thing is, these professional models are very used to being on display.

But If I decide to get my parts scanned, I won’t feel quite so sanguine.

Side note: Greek male statues has small penises because large ones were regarded as emblematic of satyrs and other unruly creatures who lacked self restraint.

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