Naked male statues

Black Naked Male

Black Silver Male

White Naked Male

These statues are for sale.

We tend to be a bit coy when it comes to the male anatomy, especially in TV and films. By contrast, women’s bits are routinely on display. These sculptures serve to redress the balance. They are made from real human beings, with nothing added or taken away. They are neither enhanced nor reduced. The tummy is real. The bum is real. It’s man as he is. He isn’t an Adonis, just a real guy.

The penis is at the centre of these works. Put the sculpture on a table and you can’t avoid seeing the man’s cock. It’s at eye level.

I produced this work by getting life models into a scanning studio where they scan everything from car parts to medical devices. We scanned the models’ bodies using one of their high resolution, commercial-quality, extremely expensive devices. Every minute in their studio cost £££.

I then printed it using shiny resin. It will be a talking piece, possibly shocking, definitely distinctive.

Is it objectification? Maybe. Possibly. Transgressive? Yeah, probably.

You will see some imperfections in the torso, due to the printing process (it’s still a developing art), though I will do some additional sanding before you get it.

The torso is mounted on a heavy oak block which came from my local saw mill, and has nine coats of oil to enhance the grain. The oil won’t come off on furniture; it has hardened. Unlike varnish it makes the wood shine though beautifully. Did I mention it’s very heavy?

The torso is mounted on to the block using steel rods and a bolt. When you get it, and I will provide instructions, you push the rods into the wood block, and secure each with the nut. It comes complete. It is very straightforward.

Each of my sculptures is hand-made, from selecting wood at the saw mill, to printing the sculpture (which takes hours). I will sign the piece on the underside of the block, not that anyone will easily see it.


Size: H 66cm x W 48cm x D 31cm

Method: Resin, glass and wood.

Optional glass table top

If you want, the statue can come with an oval or circular glass top, so you can use it as a table top.

The glass is tempered, so it won’t break.  It comes in various colours. Black shiny glass on top of a black shiny black male torso? Hmm.

Like the wood, the glass is heavy. I don’t stick the glass to the torso, because transporting it would be difficult. You can glue it if you want.


The cost is around £1,700, depending on postage, and whether you want oval glass, round glass, or no glass at all. Contact me using the contact form for more information.

Allow three weeks for printing and delivery. Payment: 50% in advance, 50% on despatch.