My torsos have arrived

Unpacking my torsos.

Three big parcels arrived today. They contained my torso sculptures.

I’m pleased. The torsos look great (in my opinion).

There are four of them, in silver, black, red and white.

Each penis, coming from a different model, is a different size and shape. There is nothing idealised about them. That’s the beauty of 3D modelling – it shows what’s real.

Given the limitations of the scanning and printing process, they don’t show pubic hair. The jets of liquid resin aren’t sufficiently fine for that, just as modelling in clay wouldn’t either. But that’s OK.

The next stage is to get the plinths made. They have been commissioned.

I don’t want to think about the stage beyond that – the one where I seek some form of response from the public, gallerists or critics. That can wait. I can only think one step at a time.


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