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Today, there are large numbers of wonderful non-fiction books,” says the founder,
Kit Sadgrove. “And they’re full of thought-provoking new ideas.

You’re here because

You want to change something. It could be any of the following

Launch a new product

Improve your website

Communicate better with customers

Reach more prospects

Create a sales promotion

Seek more revenue

Beat off the competition

Increase your profit margin

And maybe you need an independent view on how to achieve that?

A second opinion often brings new ideas to the table, and starts a conversation.

I use a process I call LeversTM. It stands for:


We start by Listing the various aspects of your business and your market, against a detailed checklist.


Then we filter it down to the key issues, by examining what’s important and what isn’t. That’s the Examine stage.


We Validate our conclusions, where necessary, through research.


At this point we’ve been through a series of discussions, and have a firm view of what needs to happen. So we move to the Execute phase, where we agree what needs to be done, and how we should do it. We come up with ideas that will meet that need, and implement it. How much is done by you or by us, depends on your needs.


After the Execute phase, we Review how successful it was; and what, if anything, needs to change.

Start again

Finally, we Start again. You might want ongoing help to do this, or continue with your own people. It’s up to you.

As you’ll see, the Levers consultancy program is about creating activity that produces real
change. We focus on what will produce more engagement, more sales, or more revenue.
We’re practical; and we avoid theory and waffle.

To start a discussion