The cost of 3D printing

Large scale 3D printing isn't cheap.

I’ve been getting prices for the 3D printing of my models’ torsos. Due to globalisation, I can get prices from as far away as Morocco and Jordan. I’ve also sought prices from printers local to me. But many printers, including those in my area, are hobbyists, with 3D printers that are too small for this project. 3D printing is still largely a cottage industry. There are a few major businesses, however.  These guys are used… Read More »The cost of 3D printing

Dead people

Art made from the photo albums of dead people

  This project is about dead people. It seems strange that people who were once so loved and admired, and who were busy and had an impact on others lives – for example bringing up children – they are so quickly forgotten. So this project involves the photo albums of those people. I remove the images, or buy albums where the photos have been removed, and put them in frames. All that’s left are captions… Read More »Dead people

The scans are done. I’m feeling happier.

After the scans. I'm more relaxed.

  In this video I’ve completed the scans. The life models were used to taking their clothes off, but none had done that in a warehouse and had their parts inspected from a distance of 60cm. As professionals they were interested in the process. As a first timer, I was trying not to look like an amateur. By the end I was getting used to it, calling on them to put more tension in their… Read More »The scans are done. I’m feeling happier.

Naked men tomorrow

Tomorrow I go to scan men’s private bits. It feels transgressive. The point is, women’s bits are routinely on display, especially in films. Whereas men’s parts are coyly hidden away. So I have lined up three men (life models, as they are known to people who drawing) to have a 3D scan from navel to upper thigh. The images will then be turned into sculpture. The image on the right was what I sent to… Read More »Naked men tomorrow