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Who runs capitalism? It isn’t what you think.

Who runs capitalism? It isn’t corporations and the wealthy.
The truth is, every day, an unseen army is working to advance the aims of corporations and the rich.
It’s the Concierge Class.
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The Concierge Class? What’s that?

Who is The Concierge Class?
It’s the millions of people who earn their living by working for the wealthy and/or the corporations. To the disadvantage of democracy.
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The four categories of The Concierge Class

Members of the Concierge Class work for corporations and the wealthy. There are four categories: the Magicians, the Fixers, the Pushers, and the Suppliers.
Each has a malevolent effect on society.
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Concierge? What’s that?

The Concierge used to be someone who worked in a hotel or on a cruise ship. Now they’re an entire social class, one which is working for the wealthy – and the corporations. Learn more about this hidden army:

Who are the rich?

How much do you know about the rich? How did they get their money? And is it fair? Learn more:

Do the rich matter?

Do the rich matter? And should we care? There are 11 reasons why we need to push back against corporations and the wealthy. Read more: