How to stop a a 3D model from falling apart

Each 3D artwork can involve lots of little elements. Each of which could fall off. 3D art allows you to add any number of additions to an artwork. For my ‘Drunken Bottles’ artwork I could print any number of bottles, and place them wherever I wanted on the frame. They could be lying on top of each other, or hang over the end of the frame. But the more fanciful I get, the more risk… Read More »How to stop a a 3D model from falling apart

My torsos have arrived

Unpacking my torsos.

Three big parcels arrived today. They contained my torso sculptures. I’m pleased. The torsos look great (in my opinion). There are four of them, in silver, black, red and white. Each penis, coming from a different model, is a different size and shape. There is nothing idealised about them. That’s the beauty of 3D modelling – it shows what’s real. Given the limitations of the scanning and printing process, they don’t show pubic hair. The… Read More »My torsos have arrived

Some day my plinths will come

Nested plinths - cutaway drawing

My torso sculptures need to be bolted into place, to keep them upright. That means rods in their legs which must be screwed into a plinth. You can buy ready-made plinths – or rent them for a week which would be cost effective only if you never planned more than one exhibition. ArtPlinths.co.uk make some nice looking ones, but they aren’t cheap. And I’m not sure they would meet my exact needs. Not that I’m… Read More »Some day my plinths will come

The shocking behaviour of Grant Thornton

Founded in 1904, with swanky offices and globe-trotting executives the accountancy practice Grant Thornton looks solid and dependable. But underneath the professional veneer is a curious mixture of incompetence and ethical failures. Since 2017 its fines have amounted to over £25 million. Each year the Financial Reporting Council issues a report on it that would make any lesser villain blush. The FRC says Grant Thornton’s work is ‘unacceptable’. A UK judge speaks of “negligence of… Read More »The shocking behaviour of Grant Thornton

Using town twinning to combat prejudice

  I’ve got a new campaign. It’s to encourage towns that are twinned with anti-gay Polish towns to de-twin. It will send a message that bigotry is unacceptable. Will it have an effect? I hope so. It includes a carrot. Towns that rescind the policy will be re-twinned. It will also have the effect of discouraging other towns from passing similar motions. It’s not easy to change people’s minds. Treating them as outcasts or pariahs… Read More »Using town twinning to combat prejudice

Combatting Polish homophobia – Part 2

  Rabka council has announced that it does not have an anti-gay policy.  http://www.frometimes.co.uk/2020/08/21/town-council-respond-to-concerns-that-polish-twin-town-is-anti-gay/ Reading between the lines, the Rabka coucil is trying to steer a narrow path that avoids incurring the wrath of the nationalist bigots while also not pandering to them. It’s not the same as issuing a public statement supporting gay rights. But it’s possibly as good as it gets, for now. Our questioning of Rabka’s policy has done three things. 1.… Read More »Combatting Polish homophobia – Part 2

Combatting the hate towns of Poland

It takes courage to demonstrate in favour of gay rights when faced with hostile bigots.

There’s a lot of anti-gay activity in Poland right now. My town has twinned with towns in France, Germany and … a town called Rabka in Poland. So I wondered whether Rabka was a hate town? I found out it’s located in a county/region that has declared itself to be a ‘gay-free zone’. Hmm. So I asked my town council (and the other towns that are twinned with Rabka) to see whether the twin had… Read More »Combatting the hate towns of Poland

Converting the garage to a studio

I have rented a garage – at enormous, wasteful cost. The aim is to give me work space in my own garage – I’m lucky enough to have a garage, despite living close in a fairly urban environment. This also means putting my 2002 charcoal MGTF into effectively storage. I felt bad about that. The TF range was the last sports car to be produced on a British production line. So I feel protective about… Read More »Converting the garage to a studio

How lifelike should sculpture be?

The guy who is printing my male torsos has come back with a problem. He has printed one of my torsos, but has ended up with a ‘lower polygon count’. In lay person’s language this means a less smooth, less realistic surface. People will see the surface is made up of thousands of little blocks. He thinks that could be OK because it would be ‘a tribute to the digital process of a model’s creation’.… Read More »How lifelike should sculpture be?